Pinkoi 開始與 7-11 合作嘍 / Pinkoi x 7-11

為了提供 Pinkoi 的使用者更方便、更彈性的交易選擇,我們不久前已經開始與7-11便利商店合作嘍!因為我們相信透過在全台灣擁有4700+分店的7-11,一定能為 Pinkoi 的使用者們帶來很大的方便!

因此,我們將開始為 Pinkoi 使用者提供另一個物流選擇與付款方式-7-11交貨便和 ibon付款。

相信大家都有過這樣的經驗,上網訂購了自己心愛的商品,卻因為白天無人在家收件,又不好意思寄到公司,­而常常無法順利領取包裹,於是7-11交貨便就是這種情況下最好的貨品運送方式。這個方便的服務能讓消費者在 Pinkoi 上購買自己心愛的設計品時,也能選擇寄往離自己最近最方便的7-11,不用再擔心收件時間無法配合的困境嘍!

同樣的ibon付款,也是利用在全台灣擁有4700+分店的7-11,讓平常比較不方便前往銀行的朋友,透過7-11便利商店裡設置的 ibon機與一組訂單號碼,也能輕鬆的完成交易。

In order to provide Pinkoi users some better and more flexible ways to shop, we started working with 7-11 not long ago because we are convinced that this will make our users a lot more convenient when shopping on Pinkoi.

We’ll start providing Pinkoi users another way to receive their purchases and also another way to pay for their orders through 4700 different 7-11 stores on the island of Taiwan.

Now when our users shop on, they can designate which 7-11 to receive their packages and pick them up whenever they want after the packages arrive.  Yes, whenever, 24/7 because 7-11 opens 24/7!  Also, Pinkoi users can also pay for their purchases inside any 7-11 with ibon kiosks.  No more rush to banks before 3pm!  Hooray!

我們總是希望能帶給 Pinkoi 使用者更好的,所以我們會一直鞭策自己進步、一直努力下去 : )

We want to provide a nice design marketplace for Pinkoi users and we will keep whipping ourselves to do better and better every day!   : )



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