Pinkoi 新名片設計:我們都是天空裡的星星 / Pinkoi’s New Business Card: We Are All Stars in the Sky

去年我幫大王工作室 Tofufu 設計了一款好玩的立體名片 (拿到名片的朋友,可以用名片折出一個迷你玩具展示架哦) 之後,其實我沒想過這麼快又會需要設計名片,不過,這次是設計自己公司 Pinkoi 的名片,因為有新夥伴加入團隊的關係,所以也是個很好玩的經驗   : )

這次的 Pinkoi 名片,我想用視覺與編排來呈現出一個小小的寓言或故事,可能是個看不見的、隱藏在圖像後面的訊息,卻可以描寫出個人與團隊之間的微妙關係,並輕輕的點出我們想透過 Pinkoi 達成的未來夢想。決定了自己想表達的「看不見」的訊息後,我先向 Peter 確認好「所有必須放在名片上的資訊」,而且其實還頗多的 (笑),我就開始著手設計 Pinkoi 的名片了,把這個「看不見」的訊息視覺化。

Last year I designed a playful pop-up business card for our Tofufu Studio.  It’s a business card that can be folded and converted into a miniature toy shelf, featuring three Tofufu-exclusive toy characters.  It’s really fun!  This time I got to design another business card for the new hires in my start-up Pinkoi.  : )

For the new Pinkoi business card design, I wanted to design an invisible cue or message to tell a story that’s hidden behind the aesthetics.   This cue should not only describe the interesting relationship between the individual and the team but also point out the dream that we want to reached through Pinkoi.  After I decided what my message is, I confirmed all the essential information that needed to be included (which is a lot HA) with Peter and started to design Pinkoi’s new business card — to make the invisible visible.


↑ 左邊是正面,右邊是背面。因為我用自己的名片展示,所以在害羞之處小小的打上了馬賽克 : )


透過這個設計,我其實是把 Pinkoi 裡個人與團隊之間的微妙關係,比喻為星星與星座之間的關係。我們的團隊夥伴們目前約 7 個,每個人都是天空裡的一顆星星,也正因為我們都朝著夢想一起努力一起發光,才能讓 Pinkoi 這個單魚星座在黑夜裡閃出耀眼的光芒 (小記:單魚星座,就像南魚座那樣)。

印刷與用紙方面,我選擇了比較厚磅數的紙配合雙面霧膜,再利用打凸的方式要讓這個 Pinkoi 單魚星座更有質感、特別觸感,並在所有星星的部分使用了局部上光;在公司地址的編排上,也為了讓純文字不會過度死板無趣,在中英文的資訊中間加上了一顆小流星;當然還有其他更多各式各樣的小細節與想法,就不在這裡多加描述,不然篇幅又會變太長,像上次說明 Pinkoi 設計理念與介面設計那 2 篇一樣  ; )

I used stars and constellation as a metaphor to describe the relationship between the individual and the team here at Pinkoi.  We are currently a 7-people team and we are all stars in the sky.   The only reason that we could make Pinkoi constellation shine in the dark as Piscis Austrinus is because we, as stars, all work together and shine together in the sky   : )

For printing, I chose thick paper with matte coating on both sides, used embossing to make this Pinkoi constellation more distinct and added spot varnish on all the stars.  In addition, when it comes to the layout of our company addresses, I put a shooting star in between so it wouldn’t look dull and boring.  There are a lot more details / thoughts I can talk about, but I’ll just stop right here for now in case this post ends up too long  ; )


*小記:雖然我對於這次合作的印刷廠商不太滿意… 但就此打住,因為我想不道人長短 (摀嘴)


總之這次的 Pinkoi 名片,我還是設計的很開心哦! 所以想好好的把自己的想法書寫出來,跟大家分享  : )

It’s fun to design new business cards for Pinkoi and I enjoyed it!   Hope you enjoy my post too  : )



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