MW Wedding: Use Facebook Timeline Cover as Save the Date Cards / 把動態時報封面拿來當婚禮預留通知

自從去年決定要在夏威夷辦旅行婚禮之後,我們倆卻因為工作太忙一直進度 (非常的) 遲緩,上個星期確定婚禮的地點與時間後,才終於開始準備要製作送出 Save the Date / 婚禮預留通知。

Ever since we decided to have our destination wedding in Hawaii last year, we have been so swamped with work that our wedding planning was extremely behind.  Last week, we finally secured a venue and nailed the date.  Now it’s finally the time for our ‘Save the Date’ card!

因為我們的親朋好友幾乎都在 Facebook 上,所以就想出了這個方法,先做好一張電子檔的 Save the Date / 婚禮預留通知,再相約某個時間一起把我們各自的動態時報封面拿來放婚禮預留通知。整個過程不但很好玩而且效果很好,也省下了一筆印製的費用,可以把心力放在婚禮的其他細節上。

Because our family & friends are mostly on Facebook, we came up with this idea to have our Facebook timeline covers as our Save the Date cards.  We finished the Save the Date in a digital format and then changed our Facebook timeline covers at the exactly same time with this file.  It’s really fun!  Not only we have lots fun doing this (and it’s effective), we also saved us some money and time which we could then spend on other parts of our wedding  ; )




註:美國婚禮的喜帖有 2 種,是婚禮準備過程不同階段使用的 (台灣沒有 Save the Date):首先新人要在婚禮前 6~12 個月寄出簡單的 Save the Date / 婚禮預留通知 (通常是一張卡片或磁鐵),目的是先向賓客預告婚禮日期,讓賓客知道要預先把那一天留給新人,因為來參加的賓客可能從不同地方飛來,不會只有當天來回,通常會順道安排一趟旅行。等到婚禮時間再靠近些才會再寄出正式的 Wedding Invitation (也就是台灣一般所謂的喜帖),通知賓客更詳細的時間、地點和 Dress code。

(There’s no such tradition as Save the Date in Taiwan so I explained a little bit ↑ )

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