iPhone中文手寫輸入的創意新玩法 / Having Fun with iPhone Handwriting Keyboard Creatively

今天早上因為等牙醫看診閒來無事,我找到 iPhone中文手寫輸入的創意新玩法,成功玩出「山、心、龜、鳥」四個字啦!某種程度上這很像是我跟 iPhone在弄「我畫你猜」,不知道 Apple 看到會怎麼想 : )

As a native Mandarin speaker, I use iPhone’s Mandarin handwriting keyboard quite often.  Sometimes it’s pretty accurate and sometimes it’s not so smart.  However, this morning I did some fun experiments with this input pad while waiting for my dental appointment:

I discovered one of the potentials of iPhone handwriting input pad and turned it into a drawing pad. I tried 4 different drawings: mountain, heart, turtle and bird, and you may see the resulting screenshots below.  : )




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