Life is full of wonders.
Luckily I found them every day.

大家叫我 Mai / 阿買 / 買買。我是 Pinkoi 的共同創辦人 / CPO 產品長。

在團隊裡,我主要負責 Pinkoi 產品開發的規劃定調、產品策略以及互動設計、UX/UI 和視覺設計的定調,簡單的說,我的工作就是讓使用者愛上 Pinkoi,並盡情享受在上面逛設計買設計的樂趣。設計師出身的我除了非常注重美學細節和使用者體驗的簡化,並積極運用設計思考為 Pinkoi 在產品開發和商業策略上帶出跳脫框架的市場影響力。

My Name is Maibelle and friends usually call me Mai.  Currently I’m co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Pinkoi where I oversee all products, features and Pinkoi’s brand, help to define and execute Pinkoi’s product vision, and lead the product team in creating intuitive, meaningful and engaging experiences through design.

Basically I’m responsible for all product-related matters at Pinkoi from setting the tone for Pinkoi’s product strategy to driving the development to constantly improve Pinkoi for better usability and conversion. My current focus is to create world-class and satisfying end-to-end product experiences for all brilliantly talented designers and customers to connect through Pinkoi.  I’m lucky to work with a team I love and respect, talented designers I adore with their lovely products, and customers who appreciate great design.

除了 Pinkoi創業之外的生活:創作是我平常的生活樂趣,也經常去參加設計市集。最喜歡科幻片,Doctor Who 是我最喜歡的科幻影集。偶爾我會分享時尚生物學的新觀察。

I’m an entrepreneur / designer by day and an artist with strong interests in toys by night. I see things in colorful pixels and enjoy making good things happen everyday.  Doctors said my brain wiring is different with others so I’m currently going on a journey to discover and stretch myself along with my endless love for art and design.  My artwork and my husband’s can be purchased on — our art studio in San Francisco Bay Area.  Ooo, and Doctor Who is my fav sci-fi series : )

I’m also a severe addict to mix-and-match so sometimes I call myself a fashion biologist. All the researches and findings can be founded on my fashion biology blog — Chic Parody.


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